We are honored to be a part of your story, if only for a little while. Here you can see some of them.


"These aren't just a few pretty shots from the wedding. It captures everything and much more. A summary of our pre-marital life - such a small documentary that in 13 minutes tells the whole story of our love from when we were children, through our introduction, engagement and right up to our big day. The resulting product has become a treasure for our family, one that we will gladly watch again and again to remind ourselves of the beautiful bond between us, and one day, hopefully, it will become a treasured keepsake for our future descendants."

"As someone who has studied art-oriented schools all my life, I appreciate the quality of workmanship, the differentness, the great attention to detail. Tomáš creates videos with pleasure, alongside his work as a hobby, which gives him the space to devote himself to each one individually, not to create such a bland production, to prefer quality over quantity. The wedding video is exactly about us, about our family..."

"The two videographers managed to capture all the moments that are important to us in the main video, and watching it we can easily go back to the whole day in our memories. The fact that the video alternates between funny and poignant situations makes it engaging and easy to watch from start to finish."

"From the first moment I approached Tomi to see if he would have time to film our wedding to the wedding in the church.......professional approach, 100% communication, willingness....certainly if anyone is looking for videographers for a wedding, I would recommend with all 10!"

"Fantastic approach coupled with high professionalism. The final video was beautiful and touching. The videographer was more than accommodating to our time constraints. Fully recommended at all times!"

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