Let us tell your story!

A wedding is the highlight of your journey as a couple, the joining of two families and a celebration of your love. We are also interested in what that journey together has been like, because we have chosen the harder form of creating a wedding video - "storytelling". We want your wedding video to be more than just a wedding day report or music video. Through prewedding shots, speeches, or interviews with family and friends, we will piece together your unique story that will be a timeless keepsake for you and for generations to come. This gives our videos personality and uniqueness.


When a hobby becomes a passion...

Tomáš Golej
cinematographer, editor

Moving pictures have fascinated me since I was a little kid. I've always enjoyed watching the "making of documentary" more than the film itself. Ever since I first got my hands on a camera, I've shot everything that has passed in front of my lens. And so I've alternated between different genres. I enjoy the documentary style the most and I approach weddings that way as well. I want your wedding film to have a deeper reach and for you to discover a new detail in it each time you watch it that you hadn't noticed before. I had my wedding almost 20 years ago, my wife and I have 4 beautiful children, and I know exactly what our wedding video should look like so that my family and I would still enjoy watching it today. For example, I'd like to have places we visited when we were dating...places that have been torn down or look completely different today.That's why we put a lot of emphasis on the "prewedding" video and the story of your love before the wedding ❤️.

Jozef Vnenčák

I've been making pizza for years and now I'm making videos for a change. I guess I have it in me somehow.I got into filming about five years ago on a summer vacation. I wanted to make a nice memory. It served its purpose, but the video itself wasn't so beautiful. I approached Tomáš to see if he could advise me and since then we have brought our common hobby to this point and I believe that it will fulfill us for a long time.After some time I got the opportunity to try to shoot a few weddings next to an experienced photographer. I went into it with a lot of rhespect and was still surprised at how challenging this discipline is. However, with each wedding the experience grew and the newlyweds became happier and happier. This motivated me further, because there is nothing like the joy on the newlyweds' faces when they can relive their big day over and over again...

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