Naty and Janík

"My dear Naty, will you join the SKY team?"

The road to the wedding day started with the composition of a song that Janík had planned to play for Naty when he proposed.Two months before the wedding, we were at Šranecké sands to film the prewedding, where we recorded this song for Naty, besides nice shots and interesting interviews.You can enjoy it below:

"The universe makes sense, I am myself when I am with you."

Naty and Janik wrote touching letters to each other, which they read to each other just before they saw each other for the first time in their wedding.

"They really belong together"

Naty and Janík met, fell in love, got engaged and got married... all within 16 months.

"The wedding is just awesome!"

In the surroundings of the Modra Old House it started with nice speeches of the witnesses and shortly after dinner the band Na kolená had a great fun. All the photos were taken by the amazing photographer Milan Matuska, who was perfect to work with and contributed a lot to the nice portrait shots in the video. The highlight of the evening was definitely Janik's surprise for his sweetheart, when in front of all the guests he sang a song he composed for his future wife shortly before the wedding.


Naty and Janik, thank you for letting us get to know you. Thanks to you, we know that real "true love" does exist.You two are the essence of it!

Looking forward to your story too!!

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